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LEDSON LED bar 21.5" 120W Hi-LUX (V 2.0, curved)

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 Each LED provides maximum brightness
 Curved for a neat installation on the car
 V 2.0 = dual mounting options!

Curved LED-bar with 40 reliable and long-life 3W Osram-diodes. It's IP67-approved, which means it is completely sealed. A larger-sized LED-bar, it's going to give you a lot of extra light. It gives a cool white light (about 6000K), and 10800 lumen. It's supplied with adjustable mounting details, so that you can decide where you want the most light. "Correctly" mounted, it has a range of 721 meters (0,25 lux).

This LED-bar has a curved design, meaning that the diodes are not mounted in a straight housing, but rather a housing that is curved. The diodes are mounted on the "outside" of the curve, meaning that they will spread the light across a wider area.

Be careful not to cut the DT-cord, since that will void the warranty and increase the risk of water damage. 




  • Light flow: 10800 lumen
  • Range (0,25 lux): 721 m
  • LED: 40 x 3W Osram
  • Light pattern: Spot (8 degrees)
  • Colour: Cool white (about 6000K)
  • E-mark: No
  • Expected life span on diodes: 30 000 hours
  • HiLux-technology: Yes


  • Weatherproofing: IP67
  • Housing: Aluminium housing, PC lens
  • EMC-proof: Yes 
  • Pressure-equalizing membrane: Yes
  • Adjustable mount: Yes
  • Weight: ~3,5 kg


  • Voltage: 10-30 V
  • Theoretical output: 120W 
Technical information
Power 120W
Choice V2.0 Sidomonterade ben och glidbara fästen
Manufacturer Ledson
Warranty 36 Months
Use of power 84 W
Unit st
Light flux 10800 lumen
Cable length 1 m
Depth 98 mm
Power usage 12V/24V 7,0 / 3,5 A
Height 78,5 mm
Length (mm) 567 mm
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