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Lazer ST12 Evolution (E-marked, Drive beam pattern)

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 E-approved(ECE R112) with Drive beam pattern
 12408 lumen with 1 lux 481 meters away
 5 year warranty!

An exciting addition to the ST series with E-approved and legal lights: ST12 Evolution! With just under 21" in width (524 mm), this is the perfect choice for those looking for either the best alternative in the form of two bars mounted on the roof or for those who enjoy one ST12 that alone gives 1 lux almost half a kilometer away.

Like all ST Evolution segment products, ST12 has upgraded high-density 11W LED, specially handpicked for their quality, delivering 12408lumens! Advanced electronic design combined with sophisticated thermostatic cooling and extremely efficient vacuum-metallized reflectors collect the light in a Drive beam pattern optimized for lower speeds where priority is a good all-round visibility. The color temperature is 5000K, carefully chosen to maximize sharpness and definition, and is also proven to reduce eye strain caused by some higher color temperatures (blue-white).

In addition to the supreme performance, ST12 Evolution is built to last. With a 5-year warranty as standard and a lifetime guarantee for the "indestructible" polycarbonate lens, coated with a hardcoat lacquer to protect against scratches, the lamp is also capable of withstanding the most difficult circumstances. An IP69K rating ensures that the LED bar will not be affected by moisture and dirt as time goes by. Additional measures are also taken to ensure full functionality even in the most extreme temperatures and environments. The full aluminum housing gives the lamp its strength and sturdiness while a specially treated surface ensures it is resistant to corrosion. The life of the diodes is also optimized with a dynamic drive that controls and optimises the brightness depending on the circumstances you drive in. (High dirt reduces power and a clean unit has the maximum power).

With a minimalist character, the new ST Evolution series is not only easier to mount, but also has good resistance to dirt, snow and ice, and its design fuses perfectly even with todays modern vehicles.


- x1 ST12 Evolution LED Spotlight
- x2 centered mount
- Installation instructions



  • E-approved (ECE R112)
  • Voltage: 9-32V
  • Lumen: 12408 (actual)
  • Light beam: Drive
  • 12 high performance 11W LED
  • Power: 144 watts
  • Load (at 14.4V): 10,0 Amps
  • Burn time: 50,000 hours
  • Weight: 1634g


Light amount(lux):

  • 0,25 lux: 962meters
  • 0,5 lux: 680 meters
  • 1 lux: 481 meters
  • 3 lux: 278 meters



  • Width: 524 mm
  • Height: 64 mm
  • Depth: 68 mm
Technical information
Start time, warm to full Omedelbar
Voltage 9-36 V
Charging time (warm to full strength) Omedelbar
Start time Immediate
Start time, cold to full Omedelbar
Color 5000K
Manufacturer Lazer
Use of power 144 W
Width 524 mm
Range 962 meter
Depth (mm) 68 mm
Height 64 mm
Height 64 mm
Light flux Effektiv: 12408 lumen
Beam pattern Kombination
Cable length 300 mm
Depth 68 mm
Number of diodes 12
Power usage 12V/24V 12 A - 6 A
Unit st
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