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Lazer Carbon 6 LED bar (Drive)

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 Range up to 678 meters (0.5 lux)!
 6540 measured lumens
 Only 450 grams!

Tired of heavy LED bars? With a housing made entirely of PC-ABS, that is now just a memory!

Lazer has developed what may be the world's lightest LED bars, whose housing is made entirely of PC-ABS. This version with drive-beam has 36 diodes and delivers a full 9360 actual lumens, but still weighs only 450 grams! That is just over 20 lumens per gram! With a length of only 31,5 cm, the bar is easily mounted on any vehicle. The beam pattern obtained from this Drive beam is a blend of narrow and wide: with the bar you get a light image that extends over 678 meters (0.5 lux!) with a pleasant light that reduces eye fatigue.

Lazer has also developed a new heat sink as the PC-ABS body does not dissipate heat in the same way as aluminum housings. This has also meant that the air resistance is significantly lower than other articulated bars.

As usual with Lazer lamps, a five-year warranty, estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours, mounting details and connector are included.

Technical information
Range ca 883m
Length 308 mm
Manufacturer Lazer
Voltage 9-32 V
Color 5000K
Warranty 5 år
Power usage 12V/24V 4.6A
Light flux 6765 lm
Polarity dependent No
Elektronisk värmekontroll (ETM) No
Pressure equalization membrane No
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