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LED Auxiliary light, 9-32V, 4x3W Cree (Spot) HiLux

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 Range: 341 meter (0,25lux)
 Tiny auxiliary lamp

A small, compact auxiliary light with a spot light pattern, of 8 degrees dispersion. It utilizesfour reliant and long-life 3W Cree-diodes. It's frame is IP67-approved, which means it is completely sealed. Small and efficient, it's basically a cube with a 80 mm side. Gives a cool white light (about 6000K), and 1080 lumen which roughly is equivalent to 60W. Maximum range is 341 m (0,25 lux). This lamp also has the Hi-Lux-technology, which means it's able to reach further without sacrificing energy efficiency. 




  • Light flow: 1080 lumen
  • Theoretical output: 12W 
  • LED: 4 x 3W Cree
  • Light pattern: Spot (8 degrees)
  • Range (0,25 lx): 341 m
  • Weatherproofing: IP67
  • Housing: Aluminium housing, stainless steel mount, glass lens
  • Colour: Cool white (about 6000K)
  • EMC-proof: Yes 
  • Pressure-equalizing membrane: Yes
  • Adjustable mount: Yes
  • Voltage: 10-30 V
  • Consumption: 12W
  • Measurements: 80x75x82 mm (WxHxD)
    • Height with mount: 87 mm


Note: The DT-connection must not be cut since it will increase the risk of leakage, and the warranty is void if it's cut. A male DT-contact is included in the package.  

Technical information
Power 12W
Range ca 300m
Manufacturer Ledson
Voltage 10-30 V
Size Four diodes
Manufacturer Osram
Warranty 36 Månader
Color 6000K
Use of power 9,6 W
Width 80 mm
Depth (mm) 82 mm
Height 75 mm
Unit st
Dispersion Array
Light flux 1000 lumen
Height 75 mm
Cable length 0,5 m
Depth 82 mm
Power usage 12V/24V 0,8 / 0,4 A
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