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Indicator Relay LED for MC (FLL55F)

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 Indicator Relay for MC (FLL55F)
 Make your LEDs flash at a normal rate
 Plug 'n' play - easy to assemble

  • Electric turn signal relay for motorcycles
  • Flashes with the same frequency regardless of load
  • Works for both LED and Halogen
  • "Silent blinking" (no clicking sound)


Electronic flashing relay

The flashing relay is of the electronic type, which means that the frequency (speed) of the flashing is always the same regardless of the load in the circuit. Original turn signal relays are often of the mechanical that work a little differently. The mechanical flashing relay is adapted for a predetermined load and the flashing frequency may increase or decrease depending on whether the load changes. Everyone who has had a broken turn signal lamp has probably been out because the turn signals flash very quickly - It is due to the load (resistance) in the circuit has decreased and therefore the frequency has increased.

The same phenomenon occurs when you replace the Halogen lamps with LEDs. LEDs that consume significantly less power, start flashing very quickly and you can then remedy this by power resistance or changing the flashing relay to an electronic one.


If you do not have the corresponding connector, the red cable is connected to + 12V and the black cable is connected to the middle of the turn signal switch.

Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
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Voltage 12 V
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