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Diode bulb, BAY15d, 24V - Red

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€10.59 €8.47
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 BAY15d / P21/5W socket
 Durable bulb
 Gives a red/red light

Replaces red/redP21/5W-bulbs; 21/5W bulbs with BAY15d-socket. LED-bulb with 24 diodes and socket BAY15d. Has two poles in the bottom of the bulb; one for the high intensity (equivalent to 20W) and one for the low intensity (equivalent to 5W).

Replaces tail lights / brake light. Equivalent to about 20/5W.
Gives a very wide dispersion of light, about 360 degrees thanks to it's diodes on the "top" of the bulb, and on around the sides.
A basic, but durable LED-bulb!


  •     Fits excellent as: parking lights with combined brake light
  •     Voltage: 24V
  •     For cars with light monitoring/CANBUS: No
  •     Equivalent to: ca 20/5W
  •     Supplied: Individually

Lights that do not have ECE-approval are intended for use only as, for example, interior lighting, work light etc. and for off-road, on rally or race tracks and not as external light on public roads. It is your responsibility to use the product in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Technical information
Warranty 12 Månader
Voltage 24 V
Manufacturer Ledson
Dispersion Array
Diameter (mm) 26 mm
Length (mm) 40 mm
Length (mm) 40 mm
Diameter (mm) 26 mm
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