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Diode bulb BA9s 24V - High intensity cold white

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 BA9s socket
 Cold white colour
 Equivalent to 8W

24 V

LED-bulb with 1 high intensity diode, socket BA9s (the guide pins are opposite). The socket is also known as T4W.
Replaces interior lighting, parking light, license plate lights, etc. Equivalent to about 8W.
Gives a large dispersion of light, about 120 degrees.



  •     Fits excellent as: Parking light, interior lighting, license plate lights
  •     Voltage: 24V
  •     For cars with light monitoring/CANBUS: No
  •     Equivalent to: ca 8W
  •     Supplied: Individually
Technical information
Number of diodes 1 pc
Corresponding brightness 10 W
Warranty 12 Månader
Power usage 0.02 A
Use of power 0.48 W
Voltage 24 V
Voltage 24 V
Manufacturer Ledson
Manufacturer Ledson
Dispersion 180 grader
Unit st
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