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Blaze work light 43W (glass with heating, TIR reflectors)

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 Blaze is equipped with heated glass for melting ice & snow
 TIR technology - maximum light from each reflector
 ETM, CISPR25 Class5 & R10, 5400 lumen and more!

9-32 V

LEDSON Blaze has patented glass with heating to melt ice and snow! In addition, it is EMC-secured CISPR25 Class 5 & R10, giving this LED work light a superb EMC protection. IP69K rating, TIR reflectors (more about these below), 5402 lumen giving 1 lux at 87 meters.


TIR reflectors

TIR stands for Total Inner Reflection and means that all light is effectively reflected and directed before it is sent out of the reflector. The waste light (the light that is not directed but which disappears at unexpected directions without doing any real use) is minimized. A traditional reflector directs and focuses most of the light but far from all.

Summary: You get more efficient light on the road and take the utmost advantage of each LED with the TIR reflectors!



  • Patented system for melting ice and snow (glass with heating)
  • EMC secured CISPR25 Class 5 & R10
  • 60° flood light (wide light)
  • Lumen: 5400 (theoretical)
  • Cool white light (6500K)
  • Range 173 m (0,25 lux), 87 m (1 lux)


Technical data:

  • 36 x 1,2 W Lumiled LED
  • IP69K: water / dustproof and resistant to hot water and chemicals
  • TIR Optical System (Total Inner Reflection)
  • 3,6 A at 12 V and 1,6 A at 24 V
  • Electronic thermal management (ETM)
  • Aluminum housing
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Built-in DT connector


Dimensions & Weight:

  • Width: 122 mm
  • Height: 106 mm (139 mm incl. bracket)
  • Depth: 65 mm
  • Weight: 1231 grams
Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
Power 24W
Voltage 9-32 V
Color Xenon white
Warranty 36 Months
Voltage 9-32 V
Manufacturer Ledson
Width 122 mm
Depth (mm) 65 mm
Height 106 mm (139 mm inkl fäste)
Light flux 5400 lumen (teoretiska)
Height 106 mm (139 mm inkl fäste)
Cable length 130 mm
Depth 65 mm
Power usage 12V/24V 3,6 A vid 12 V och 1,6 A vid 24 V
Elektronisk värmekontroll (ETM) No
Tryckutjämningsmembran No
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