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Pinpack, Diode bulb, BAY15d, 24V - Red

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€19.29 €15.43
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 BAY15d / P21/5W socket   

 Durable bulb    

 Gives a red/red light

Replaces red/red P21/5W-bulbs; 21/5W bulbs with BAY15d-socket. LED-bulb with 24 diodes and socket BAY15d. Has two poles in the bottom of the bulb; one for the high intensity (equivalent to 20W) and one for the low intensity (equivalent to 5W).

Replaces tail lights / brake light. Equivalent to about 20/5W.
Gives a very wide dispersion of light, about 360 degrees thanks to it's diodes on the "top" of the bulb, and on around the sides.
A basic, but durable LED-bulb!


  •     Fits excellent as: parking lights with combined brake light
  •     Voltage: 24V
  •     For cars with light monitoring/CANBUS: No
  •     Equivalent to: ca 20/5W
  •     Supplied: pair, pinpack

Lights that do not have ECE-approval are intended for use only as, for example, interior lighting, work light etc. and for off-road, on rally or race tracks and not as external light on public roads. It is your responsibility to use the product in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Technical information
Voltage 24 V
Manufacturer Ledson
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