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Astro6+ Warning strobe light 12 LED orange and white (ECE R65)

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Astro6+ combines orange & white strobe light
E-approved ECE R65, R10
21 different flash patterns

Astro6+ is a stylishly designed high-quality strobe light. With certifications such as E-approved according to ECE R65 and EMC-secured according to R10, as well as a generous 2.5-meter cable for easy installation, it offers reliable and simple use.

With its 21 different strobe light patterns, Astro6+ gives you the ability to be seen on the road in the way that suits you best. Its dual-color function allows you to choose between orange or white light, so you can create your flashlight patterns in the color you prefer. Additionally, it can be synchronized with up to 12 devices for increased visibility and effect. For extra adaptability, certain flash patterns can also be combined with both white and orange light, so you can create a unique and eye-catching light effect on the road for your safety.



  • Color: Orange & white
  • 21 different flash patterns
  • Approved ECE R65 - Read more about UNECE regulations here
  • EMC secured according to ECE R10
  • IP rating IP67 (water / dustproof)
  • Number of LEDs: 12 (6 white & 6 orange)
  • Voltage 12-24 volts





  • Length: 119 mm
  • Width: 29 mm
  • Height: 8 mm
  • Hole spacing: 110 mm (CC)
  • Cable length: 2,5 meters


(For complete instructions see manual)

  • Red: Plus to orange light
  • Gray: Plus to white light
  • Black: Minus / ground
  • Yellow: Flashlight pattern
  • White: Synchronization



Strobe light patterns:

  • Single flash (R65)
  • Single flash - slow
  • Double flash (R65)
  • Double flash - slow
  • Quint flash
  • Octa flash
  • Single flash - Alternate
  • Double flash - Alternate
  • Quint flash - Alternate
  • Octa flash - Alternate
  • Twelve flash - Alternate
  • Left steady on - Right single flash
  • Right steady on - Left single flash
  • Left steady on - Right double flash
  • Right steady on - Left double flash
  • Left single flash - Right single flash
  • Left double flash - Right double flash
  • Left quint flash - Right quint flash
  • Left octa flash - Right octa flash
  • Cycle
  • Steady on
Technical information
Functions Strobe light
Color Xenon white + Yellow-orange
Manufacturer Ledson
Warranty 5 years
Height 8 mm
Width 119 mm
Flash patterns 21st (2st R65-godkända)
Cable length 2,5 m
Depth 29 mm
Number of diodes 12 st
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