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Pinpack, LED-Festoon, 36 mm, 12V, 1 COB - Cool white

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 Festoon 36 mm
 Suitable for cars with CANBUS
 Equivalent to 10W

12 V

Festoon-type bulb with one large COB-diode, suitable for license plate lighting and more. Gives lots of light around the bulb thanks to the diode's large dispersion. Gives a cool white light, equivalent to about 10W.


  • Socket: Festoon 36 mm
  • Voltage: 12V
  • LED: 1 x COB
  • Equivalent to: 10W
  • Colour: Cool white (about 6000K)
  • Supplied: pair, pinpack
  • Suitable for cars with CANBUS: Yes
  • Dispersion:  170 degrees
Technical information
Corresponding brightness 15 W
Manufacturer Ledson
Color Xenon white
Voltage 12 V
Canbus Ja
Socket C5W
Warranty 12 Months
Voltage 12 V
Socket C5W
Use of power 1,2 W
Dispersion Array
Length (mm) 36 mm
Length (mm) 36 mm
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