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Fog light kit 12V (Relay kit for rear fog lights incl. switch)

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 Everything needed for approved fog light function
 For rear fog lights 12V
 Includes fog light relay, button and socket for button and relay

Foglight kit for aftermarket rear fog lights (with 16mm button)

This kit has everything needed for a complete and approved fog light function in the car. The kit contains a fog light relay, fog light button and a socket for the button and one for the relay. What is needed besides this is a connection cable, some clamp contacts and fog bulb.


The fog light button turns on and off the fog light. When the fog light is activated, the button lights up yellow. If the power is cut to the relay when the fog light is activated then this is off even when the power to the relay returns / the car is started and the fog light must then be activated with the button.



  • 1 x fog light relay
  • 1 x fog light button 16mm momental, fog symbol with lighting
  • 1 x base for the button for easy installation
  • 1 x base for fog light relay
Technical information
Warranty 12 Months
Voltage 12 V
Manufacturer NA
Unit st
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