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Lazer LED bar Triple-R 750 Gen2 (E-marked)

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 Generation 2, an upgrade of the Triple-R 750
 1 lux at 433 meters
 With white or amber position light!

Lazer Triple-R 750 with position light (Generation 2)

A 2020/2021 upgrade of the Triple-R 750 through the latest LED technology and modified optics! This Lazer LED bar has been born through massive testing at the highest level in the professional rally and motorsport world. Triple-R represents the elite level in LED auxiliary lighting technology. Small, subtle upgrades have led to a clean design with a slightly aggressive tone to match the appearance of modern cars.


White or orange position light

If you want to be seen as much during the day as in the dark evenings and nights, with the Triple-R 750 Generation 2 you have the opportunity to switch on your integrated position light. By inserting the corresponding cable in the lamp connection during installation, you can choose to connect either white or amberposition light, or alternatively leave both disconnected to only use the auxiliary light as a high beam. The white position light function is approved according to ECE rule 7 to work together with your standard vehicle lighting.


Triple-R beam pattern

Triple-R distributes a different light compared to e.g. ST4 or RS4 from Lazer. Triple-R has specially sharpened reflectors with vacuum-metallised optics for best beam pattern. This gives a distant, narrow and even spread (spot) perfect for the longer roads. The optical effect is at a respectable 92%!


5 year warranty

All of Lazers products are delivered with an incredible 5 year warranty. Lazer has made an effort to develop a product of the highest quality to withstand all conceivable stress and weather and therefore you will be replaced with a new product if it breaks down during this time. Among other things, the LED bar is IP67-rated, has 'unbreakable' polycarbonate glass and a very solid housing that protects its valuable inside.


Lazer and the demanding world of racing

Lazer has one foot firmly placed in the world of racing and rally and has established itself as a supplier of performance lighting to be trusted. During these competitions, the lighting is exposed to very extreme stresses: dirt and water, shocks and shaking - they handle this without any problems. A telling example is the Breslau Rally, which is Europe's largest off-road race, which Lazer proudly sponsors! Breslau Rally video (Youtube)



  • With white or amber position light (optional)
  • E-marked ECE R112 with reference value 35 and ECE R7 (white position light)
  • 0,25 lux at 866
  • 1 lux at 433m
  • Brightness: 4620 lumen
  • Optics of the highest quality (92% optical efficiency)
  • 4 x 11W LED (upgraded for 2020/2021)
  • Power consumption : 45W
  • At 14,4V: 3,1A
  • Includes centered bracket with the option of side mounting (the latter sold separately)
  • CAE optimised heatsink offers improved thermal dynamics
  • "Unbreakable" polycarbonate glass
  • IP67 (water and dust tight)
  • Designed and manufactured in England
  • Spot beam pattern
  • Voltage: 9V-32V
  • LED lifespan 50 000 hours
  • 5 year warranty


Dimensions & weight:

  • Width: 230mm (270mm incl. side mounted brackets (not included))
  • Depth: 105mm
  • Height: 73mm (103mm incl. centered mount)
  • Weight: 1kg

Installation of Lazer Triple-R 750 Generation 2 (PDF)






Technical information
Manufacturer Lazer
Color 5000K
Warranty 5 years
Use of power 45 Watts
Width 230 mm (270 mm inkl. ev. sidomonterade fästen)
Unit st
Light flux 4620 lumen
Cable length 360 mm
Depth 105 mm
Power usage 12V/24V 3.1 A vid 14,4 V
Height 73 mm (103 mm inkl ev. fästen)
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