Installation directions for using the quick connector with LED-strips

Installation of switchback-bulb with one-connection socket BA15s, BAU15s, P27W
(SKU 1214333, 1215333, 1225333)

Mounting your xenon convertion kit
Remove the dipped beam lamp and replace it with a xenon bulb. Important: DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS!

How do I use the power resistors?
Our power resistors (1221, 1205, 2421, and 2405) are all connected in the same manner. Connect them parallell to the lamp with the quick-connectors that comes with the power resistors.

Put a cable of the power resistor into the slot in the quick connector, put in the cable from the car in the other slot, and press together with pliers. Then you repeat the process with the grounded cable for the lamp.

Regarding the 21W resistance, it's important to not place it on a heat-sensitive material since the resistors will get very warm. If there is no suitable material to mount it on, it can be mounted hanging in the air as long as no cables or other plastic comes into contact with it.

How do I mount the auxiliary lights relay (SKU 3346005)?

Installation instructions

Installation of auxiliary lights relay
Installation of power resistors
Installation of knightrider LED strip
Installation of xenon conversion kit
Installation of switchback bulbs
Installation of Quick split connector for LED-strips
Installation of soft-strips
Installation instructions for Knight rider LED-strip
The cables are connected accordingly. If you're unsure of how to do it, contact info@diodhuset.se or your local mechanic.Kablarna kopplas in enligt nedan.

Black cabel: Ground (-). Red cabel: Non-fused power (5A) Yellow cabel (if break signal is wanted): Connects to your brake-light's power-cable. Gives a strobing effect when you brake.. Green cabel (2 pcs, if turn signal is wanted): Connects to your turn signal's power. Gives a turn signal effect on half of the strip.

Remote controll:

A: Shifts between colours

B: Change flash pattern

C: Change speed of flash pattern

D: On/off