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Lazer Utility flood light (2nd Gen)

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From €205.69 From €164.55
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 One of the best flood lights from Lazer
Waterproof - IP69K and ECE-approved (R10)
 4300/8820 lumen and EMC-proof!

Lazer Utility - possibly the best floodlight

What happens if you combine Lazer's passion for perfection with the need for heavy duty, durable flood light? You get the Utility series! 

The Lazer Utility lamp is a rugged piece of equipment, with several technical advantages, continuing Lazer's heritage of high end technology and attention to detail. It  can't really be seen from the outside except on the large, optimized heat sink and the lamp's weight - a massive 1,3 kg per lamp.  Another exterior feature is the replaceable lens, making it possible to adjust the light pattern to fit your needs.  

One lamp provides 4300 lm (45W) or 8820 lm (80W). Note that these numbers are measured, not calculated as opposed to many other competitors.  Furthermore, the lamp's colour is optimized to reduce eye strain and provide optimal contrast in all conditions, running at a comfortable 5000K. 

Both lamps are ECE-approved (R10) and features IP69K, which means it is 100% waterproof and can even withstand hot water and chemicals. In other words - these lamps truly are heavy duty. 

The lamps are EMC-proof to avoid interference with other electronic equipment. They also feature built-in surge protection and polarity protection, everything to maximize the lamp's durability.


The lamp is supplied with heavy duty mounting details and a DT-contact wich must be used (otherwise, the risk for water leakage will increase). It also features two years warranty outside of Norway, and five years inside Norway. 



  • Dimensions: 110x85x108 mm
  • Weight: 1260g
  • Voltage: 9-32V
  • Lifespan: 50 000 hrs
  • Power: 45W or 80W
  • Certifications: ECE R10, IP69K
  • Light (measured): 4300 lm or 8820 lm depending on model
Technical information
Warranty 24 Månader
Color 5000K
Manufacturer Lazer
Power usage 12V/24V 3,4A / 1,7A
Cable length 240 mm
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