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Pollux9 Gen2 Unity D LED auxiliary package (12 V)

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Our popular Pollux9 Gen2 in "Unity" - A complete "all-you-need package"
Two pcs Pollux9 Gen2, DT relay / adapter & a practical holder for the car
 19 200 actual lumen - the car light reaches a whole new level

Unity = The impressive power of one Pollux9 Gen2 - Times 2

This package contains two of our popular Pollux9 Driving Beam 2nd Generation + a practical powder coated steel holder and wiring (1 x DT relay).

Pollux9 Gen2 is a distinctive and large 9" auxiliary light in modern black for those who want something tougher than the traditional "tame" look of the auxiliary lights today. Comes with a 24 month warranty

The following is included:


  • Bolts and screws to secure the auxiliary light with either one or two attachment points
  • DT connectors (3-pole) - one for each extra light
  • Installation instructions


Driving Beam light image

Driving beams reflectors are all computer generated and manufactured to provide a similar light image as combo but more consistent and within the limits of what is legal. It mimics and enhances the car's existing headlight and light image.


Mounting on the vehicle

  • Can be mounted smoothly and nicely with a number plate holder. See our various accessories for mounting options.



  • E-labeled (E8, ref. 37.5), ECE R112 / R10
  • With position light (4 LEDs)
  • "Driving beam" light image (wide and oblong)
  • 12000 lumen (theoretical), 9600 lumen (actual)
  • Range 960 m (0.25 lux), 480 m (1 lux)
  • Cold white light (6500 K)
  • TIR Optical System (Total Inner Reflection)
  • 24 month warranty


Technical data:

  • 120 W (12 x 10 W LG LED)
  • IP68 (water / dust-tight)
  • DT connector (supplied)
  • Electronic heat management
  • Voltage 9-36 V
  • Load 7.7 A @ 12 V and 3.6 A @ 24 V
  • Dimensions & Weight:


Dimensions & Weight:

  • Width: 218 mm
  • Height: 234.5 mm (incl bracket)
  • Depth: 68.5 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
More Information
Manufacturer Ledson
Color Xenon white
Warranty 36 Månader
Use of power Per extraljus: 92,4 W
Unit pkt
Cable length 650 mm
Power usage 12V/24V Per extraljus: 7,7 A @ 12 V och 3,6 A @ 24 V
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